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Innovation Opportunities.


Elements of Our Innovation Approach

  • We help identify opportunities that don’t just tweak the market reality, but move it forward
  • We activate the innovation brain as well as group think
  • Use structured rather than random thinking
  • Derive ideas that are in line with and build on the brand’s equities
  • Engage consumers as collaborators and just sounding boards
  • Look beyond variant and attribute alternatives, to mine global, cultural, technological, market and societal trends

Other Tools

The DNA Mapping Tool
When we look at how to carve out a market territory for a brand, we look at every aspect of the brand within its universe. We explore not only the consumer’s perspective, but also its competitive culture and commercial environment. We talk to a cross section of brand stakeholders about their brand opinions and beliefs to get a holistic picture of the brand’s present reality and future potential. We map all of this information using our proprietary DNA Mapping Tool, and use it as a springboard into positioning the brand for future success.

The 12 Pathways to Innovation
We use our proprietary pathways to innovation framework to ensure that our thought process is structured and not random. It enables us to help you identify the four or five strongest and most relevant sources of innovation against which you would like to develop new product ideas.

Consumers as Creators
We involve consumers in the creative process (through the use of creativity workshops) to help us uncover unmet needs and desires and start translating them into product solutions from the consumers’ perspective.

Lateral Thinking Tools
We use new tools and techniques to get all participants and stakeholders looking at the innovation challenge from different perspectives.

Outside Experts
We involve outside experts in our innovation workshop who are involved in the category/field and can bring new thinking to the table.