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Brand Prime.

A Roadmap to Brand Success.

What is Prime?

Prime is the place where a brand, through a strong, defensible market position and constant pipeline of market defining innovations is able to stay at the ‘prime’ spot in its lifecycle.  Prime is where you want your brand to stay and thrive.
The Telocity Group has a singular focus—to accelerate the growth of a brand. We create a framework to sustain real growth and momentum for your brand. To achieve this, we start by assessing it in the context of the wider business, category and cultural environment. Then we blend our brand strategy expertise with our knowledge of brand life cycles to move your brand into Prime.


What Are The Signs Your Brand Is In Prime?

  • Investment, growth and profitability curves are maximized and stable
  • Your competitive advantage is solid, defensible and maintained
  • Your brand promise is solidified and delivered consistently throughout the branded community
  • New products and services are launched and quickly adopted by consumers
  • Brand advocates are actively evangelizing your brand
  • Brand has moved from a functional role to an emotional one in consumers’ lives.
  • Brand has started to take on ‘iconic’ cultural status in the market.
  • Brand has ‘permission’ to step into new market areas, beyond its traditional boundaries.

We can help you get there.