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  • Innovation Spotlight – Challenging Assumptions

    Our brains are programmed to build up data around a particular experience, category of products, place etc., so that when we come in touch with it again we already…

  • The Humanization of Brands

    Consumers have unfortunately become more cynical about the motives of brands that consistently try to position themselves as providing life transforming benefits that are then revealed to be self-serving…

  • Innovation Spotlight

    Next time you need new ideas to grow your business, try thinking in the dark.

      When we think exclusively in the context of brightly lit…

  • The Benefits Of Risk Taking I just returned from the FUSE conference and heard, as I have heard before, that in order to succeed one has to embrace risk. One of the hardest…


Frequent contributors to Forbes, AdWeek and CMO

The Barriers To Innovation, And How To Break Through

In an economy that desperately needs a kick-start, why is innovation still not playing the central role that it needs to play?

How KitchenAid Gave Us the World’s Coolest Mixer

With The Great Gatsby in theaters and everyone suddenly falling in love with the glamor of the 1920s, now’s a fitting time to take a look at one of the Machine Age’s legendary machines.

Marketing To The ‘House Life,’ Not The Housewife

Marketing to women as an independent practice first reared its head about 10 years ago. Since then, numerous books have been written, conferences held, companies launched, and millions of women interviewed to discover “what they really want.”